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Hot selling enrober chocolate machine ​
  • Hot selling enrober chocolate machine ​
  • Hot selling enrober chocolate machine ​

Hot selling enrober chocolate machine ​

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name iPAPA
Certification CE
Model Number PE30
Product Details
60 KG Chocolate/batch
Belt Speed:
Tunnel Belt Width:
Heating Method:
Electric Heating
220V,Single Phase
Stainless Steel 304
1 Year
After-sales Service Provided:
Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas
Snacks, Fruits, Cakes, Breads,cookies, Etc.
High Light: 

304Ss Chocolate Enrobing Equipment


3.1kw Chocolate Enrobing Equipment


Breads Chocolate Enrobing Equipment

Product Description

Hot selling enrober chocolate machine ​




The hot selling enrober chocolate machine is used to coat chcolate on the surface or of food, such as cereal bars, energy bars, protein bars, candy bars, rice bites, wafers and wafer stick, birthday cakes, cakes, breads, rolls, pies,,etc.We have the machine with melting tank capcity 8kg,15kg,30kg and 60kg for one batch,customer can choose the sutiable one according to their daily requirment.Also the machine need work with the cooling tunnel or air fan cooling conveyor to dry the chocolate,customer can choose to connect air fan cooling or tunnel cooling after the chocolate enrober machine.


The chocolate covering machine adopted fully food garde 304 stainless steel wire drawing production,it is totally conformed with food standard.chocolate sensor ensure the electric control sensitivity and temperaturepreserve efficiency,which enable the uniform chocolate tempering.


This chocolate enrober coating machinery is special designed base on Italy and UK chocolate processing and handling technology in lab scale application. All machines are made of SUS304. It is used for making good quality pure or compound chocolate enrobing.


The Small Chocolate Making Machine has total four capacity model for customer to choose: PE8 small chocolate enrober with 8kg chocolate per batch, PE15 small chocolate enrobing machine with 15kg chocolate per batch, PE30 with 25kg chocolate per batch and PE60 with 45kg chocolate per batch.


The mini chocolate enrobing machine consists of melting pot, enrobing device and cooling conveyor. The melting pot is the most important equipment which is used for chocolate heating and melting, temperature warm keeping. It can be used to supply the chocolate enrobing or to be used as a manual type chocolate depositor. The commercial chocolate enrober comes with a deposting nozzle which can be mounted on the melting pot, then the depositing nozzle will leak the chocolate liquid to chocolate mould handed manually by hand.


The chocolate coating machine is most often used to coordinate with other food machines in food production: 1.The chocolate enrobing machine is used after the granola bar machine to coat chocolate on snack bars; 2. The chocolate enrober machine is used after the automatic encrusting machine to coat chocolate on cookies and stuffed pastries; 3. The chocolate enrober is used after the energy bar machine to coat chocolate on protien bars, cereal bars and energy bars. 4. The chocolate coating machine is also used after the protein energy ball machine to coat chocolate on protein balls and energy balls.



Hot selling enrober chocolate machine ​ 0

Type 1: Chocolate enrobing machine + 3.2M Cooling tunnel

Hot selling enrober chocolate machine ​ 1

Type 2: Chocolate enrobing machine + 2M Fan cooling conveyor

Hot selling enrober chocolate machine ​ 2




PE8/PE15/PE30/PE60 Commercial small chocolate enrober specifications:


Model PE8 PE15 PE30 PE60
Capacity 8KG chocolate/batch 15KG chocolate/batch 30KG chocolate/batch 60KG chocolate/batch
Belt speed 2meter/min 2meter/min 2meter/min 2meter/min
Enrober mesh belt width 180mm 180mm 180mm 300mm
Tunnel PU belt widh 200mm 200mm 200mm 400mm
Heating method Electric heating Electric heating Electric heating Electric heating
Voltage 220V, single phase 220V, single phase 220V, single phase 220V, single phase
Power 1.8kw 2kw 2.8kw 3.1kw
Dimension 2000x5701350 2000x640x1350 3200x710x1350 3400x910x1400
Weight 80KG 100kg 190kg 240kg





Food coated by PE30 Chocolate enrobing machine:


Hot selling enrober chocolate machine ​ 3

Hot selling enrober chocolate machine ​ 4



protien bar machine working with PE30 small chocolate enrobing line video:



Date bar making machine with PE30 small chocolate coating machine video:



PE30 Small chocolate enrober machine for energy ball video:


The Enrobing Machine and Cooling Tunnel:


The chocolate cooling Tunnel is a long structure with cooling unit inside,which is similar to refrigerator.This cooling tunnel works in conjunction with our Chocolate Enrobing Machine.The cooling tunnel unit we use is famous brand Copeland and the power is 3.5KW,which can create good and fast cooling effect. The cooling tunnel can be custom-made by different tunnel length and compressor power. we can customized 4meter, 6meter, 8meter and 10 meter cooling tunnel with 3P, 5P or 8P compressor according to customer's requirements.


The Chocolate Enrobing Machine creates a waterfall of liquid chocolate, which can make the products move through before they move down the Cooling Tunnel. Once coated, the chocolate dipped food will pass under an air curtain and over a vibrating plate to remove the excess chocolate paste. Then the chocolate dipped food will go through the Cooling Tunnel for fast drying,which can be packed by the packing machine immediately.


How to achieve continuous chocolate liquid feeding?

100L Chocolate melting tank

For continuous chocolate liquid feeding, we customize customer a small size 100L chocolate melting tank, the 100L chocolate melting tank has heating pipes inside which are used to heat and melt chocolate blocks into liquid.With this chocolate melting tank equipment,it can improve the enrobing efficiency highly,save much time on chocolate melting...Customers can connect it to the small or large chocolate enrobing line to supply the continuous chocolate liquid feeding...

Hot selling enrober chocolate machine ​ 5

Chocolate pump

The 5 M3 chocolate feeding pump is used to connect to the chocolate enrober machine and the chocolate melting tank. Chocolate liquid will be transferred from the melting tank to the enrober tank by accurate ration. The jacketed connecting pipes are used to connect all the machines to transfer chocolate liquids.

Hot selling enrober chocolate machine ​ 6

What is Chocolate enrobing?


Chocolate enrobing is a process that uses a “waterfall” of chocolate to provide a delicious coating of chocolate on products such as cakes, chips, peanuts, popcorn, cookies and peanut energy bars. The coating can consist of milk, dark, or white chocolate, as well as other coatings. During the enrobing process, a curtain of chocolate covers the product. The bottom of the product is coated at the same time by passing over a pool of chocolate.

Traditionally, the enrobing or coating process was often done manually by hand dipping the filling, confection or snack in tempered chocolate. This manual process can be slow and cumbersome.


What are the characteristics of the chocoate coating machine?


The chocolate coating machine can do this job much faster and more accurately than manualy. Using a belt system to transport the center or confection under a curtain of tempered chocolate to quickly create a chocolate covering or chocolate coating.

The chocolate enrobing machine allows ease of production for small and large businesses and helps to establish automated production of chocolate truffles, coated chocolate protein bar or energy bars,cookies,etc.

The Chocoate coating machine can be used alone or matched with other equipment. It is suitable for various other products that need to be coated with pulp. One machine is multi-purpose, and customers can buy it with confidence.


What after-sales service is provided about the chocolate coating machine?


1. All our chooclate enrober are guaranteed for one year. During the enrobing machine warranty period, free maintenance services and free replacement of components and accessories will be done if any faults occur.

2.The size of the chocolate covering machine can be customized according to customer requirements so that it can direclty connect to your food equipment,such as the protien bar machine,protein ball machine or maamoul production line,the products are packaged according to wooden boxes, wooden frames, films, etc.;

3. All chocolate coating machines come with detailed instructions and some vulnerable accessories,the user manaul,operation video,training video,cleaning video and assembly video for the enrobing chocoate machine will be provide.Also will provide the timely online technical support.

4. The wearing parts during the warranty period of the equipment will be provided free of charge at random, and we promise to provide the spare parts needed to maintain the equipment at a favorable price.


How to Purchase Chocolate Enrober machine?


Before you purchase a chocolate enrobing machine. Send your inquiry with the detailed requiremet to us and and we'll provide several soltuions with offerings and pricing for you.Then you can choose the best suitable chocolate enrober machine according to your daily requirement and budget.

Chocolate enrober machine can coat almost anything you can imagine with a solid, uniform, chocolate layer, saving significant manual labor and turning ordinary snacks into chocolate covered confections.Also our chocoate enrober can coat one or several different chocolate(white or dark)at the same time.


What sizes / types of enrobers are available?
Generally, the body of the chocolate enrober is made from stainless steel to minimize contamination. Enrobers come in a wide array of sizes, ranging from industrial sized machines – with over 400mm belts that process thousands of items per hour – to much smaller machines, with belts as narrow as 180mm. Generally the wider the belt, the higher melting pot capacity per batch the enrober will generate.Also will match the longer cooling tunnel to dry the chocolate well.


Chocolate Enrober Pricing?
Chocolate enrobers are often made exactly based on the buyer's universal demand, as certain components can be added or removed and belt widths can be customized.Usually customers will choose our 15kg chocolate enrober and 3.2m cooling tunnel for the small business,this is our ery hot selling model and we have machine in stock.Buying this kind chocolate enrobing line will save the buyer significant time and money,the price for the chocolate enrobing machine is around US$13,500.But if the customer have the cooling tunnel or want to do other processing,the customers can only buy the chocolate enrober or chcolate enrober with a 1m conveyor belt with cooling fan,for this case,the price will be very low,just need U$4,500-US$6,500.Certainly if customers will coat much chocolate or need coat two different chocolate,we also have the large 400mm chocolate coating line,which can do it...Using the 500 liter chocolate melting tank and chocolate pump to connect to this enrobing line,it can improve the chocolate enrobing or dipping effect highly,the price is around US$23,000.


How to make Chocolate Chip Dipped Granola Bars or chocolate coated bar?

Chocolate dipped granola bar or chocolate coated bar are a very popular food,it can be made by different ingredients and the covered with one layer of chocolate.Customers can choose to make the different bar with the recipe they want and then put the finished bar on the chocolate enrobing line for chocolate coating.If the customers want to automate it and improve efficiency,they can get a energy bar machine or protein bar extruder machine and connect it to our our small enrober,customers just need prepare the mixture well and put the mixture into the hopper of the energy bar machine or granola bar machine,the bar can be formed through the extrusion mold of the granola machine and then the finished bar will go through the chocolate coating machine by the conveyor belt to be fully coated or partly coated.



About Us


Shanghai Papa Industrial Co., LTD has been the leading expert for the chocolate machinery in China, especially the chocolate enrobing machine, we have both industrial chocolate enrobing machine and commercial chocolate enrobing machine available to meet different customer's needs. We have related commercial cooling tunnel as well customized for our customers with little space required and energy saving. Our chocolate enrober machines are approved with CE certificate and are hotly exported to the world, especially in USA and Europe.


Optional devices:


1.P307 protein bar machine


Our P307 Protein bar machine maker is new designed extruder machine specially made for making many types of bars such as protien bar, fruit bar, energy bar, coconut bar, chocolate bar and so on.It can work with the chocolate enrobing machine to make the chocolate bar food product,also can connect to our automatic flow wrapping machine to make the finished chocolate bar with packing from mixture.

Hot selling enrober chocolate machine ​ 7

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