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Shanghai Papa Industrial Co.,LTD latest company case about Energy bar

Energy bar


latest company case about Energy bar

Energy bars are supplemental bars containing cereals, micronutrients, and flavor ingredients intended to supply quick food energy. Because most energy bars contain added protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and other nutrients, they may be marketed as functional foods.Manufacturing of energy bars may supply nutrients in sufficient quantity to be used as meal replacements.

About Enery Bar Machine


Energy bar machine is our fourth upgration model energy bar machine on the basic of our P307 model protein bar making machine, the energy bar making machine is suitable for making various bars and cookies like protein bar, date bar, energy bar, fruit bar, chocolate bar, vegan bar, nutrition bar, praline bar, crackers, fish crackers, halava, allergie free bar and other food bars.


The energy bar extruder is specially made for making soft mixture, hard mixture or sticky mixture bars. The energy bar extruder machine uses horizontal type with double rolling screws to guarantee the dough extruded successfully to the rectifier, and a extra roller on top of hopper rolling down the mixture to guarantee no mixture come out. the horizontal design guarantees the perfect bar shape, the rectifer gurantees the uniform same size and weight of bar.Also we have the small chocolate enrober to work with the energy bar machine to make chocolated coated energy bar food and the automatic flow wrapping machine,which can set up as small chocolate covered protein bar production line.




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