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Company news about How To Purchase The Best Suitable Protein Bar Machine?

How To Purchase The Best Suitable Protein Bar Machine?


Latest company news about How To Purchase The Best Suitable Protein Bar Machine?

Protein bar machine is one of the most popular cost-effective machines in snack machines, which can do a big help on enlarging your business.The protien bar machine can be widely used on for making various bars and cookies like protein bar, date bar, energy bar, fruit bar, chocolate bar, vegan bar, nutrition bar, praline bar, crackers, fish crackers, halava, allergie free bar and other food bars.

If  you can get a proper machine,you can use it to make the mass production,which can help you to creat more profit.

With the development of the Protein bar making machine, more and more companies have started to sell this machine,but how to choose proper protein bar maker to become a problem of many food companies.This article mainly talked about how to choose a protein bar making machine.


Protein energy bar machine purchasing principles

①Price--Low price means high risk, please remember the principle of equivalent exchange, and paying too little will often be accompanied by high risk. Consider the price and the quality and service life of the product.


②Quality-- for date bar Machine, 304 stainless steel is required to ensure food safety, powerful motor that can produce strong torque ensures that various types of raw materials can be extruded, non-stick belt for easy cleaning.


③Brand, big brand trustworthy, for example Rheon, hm food. But at the same time, big brands have high premiums, so choose PAPA, you will never regret it, it is definitely the most cost-effective one, especially in production date bar, protein bar, energy bar, fruit bar, and so on. PAPA has more than decades of experience in the production date bar machine, our machine is very stable and durable.


④ Model-There are mainly two models P307 protein bar machine  and P160 energy bar machine for customer's option.One is can make energy bar with fillings, one is without fillings, if you are intending to enlarge your business in the future,making the stuffed energy bar, choose a two hopper energy bar making machine would be better, that machine is more stable and durable, also have more functions. If you want to make protein bar only and not intend to make protein bar with fillings, then a small P307 model protein ball machine also would be your good choice.

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