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How to make dense and hard bar by Papa protein bar extruder machine?

November 25, 2022

Latest company news about How to make dense and hard bar by Papa protein bar extruder machine?

As we all know,the P307 protein bar extruder machine that we produced is mainly designed for soft energy bar bar making...But what shall we do if the mixture of the protein bar or date bar is hard and denese?In most cases,we will suggest the customer to directly use our P401 cereal bar machine to make it,using slab rolling technology to roll the material mixture into a whole slab with desired height and width, then the slab is cutted by the vertical and horizontal cutting knives to be each uniform sized bars.This kind cereal bar machine can be used to make different hard energy bar,such as puffed rice bar, rice crispy/rice krispies, ceral bars, granola bars, muesli bars, nut bars, seed bars, dry fruit bars, protein bars, power bars, peanut bars, sesame snaps, and other energy bars.But there will be a big problem for the P401 slab bar machine...the footprint size of cereal bar cutting machine is very large and the production capacity is very large,which need the customers prepare big space.


However,what if the customers insist on the small protein bar extruder machine for hard bar making?We know some customers who have very small production capacity for the hard bar making,someone even need put the machine in the lab for sample bar research and testing making.It's obvious the large P401 food bar press machine will become not suitable any more.Based on this special requirement,Papa machine developed a new P308 energy bar extruder machine.Different with our old P307 protein bar machine,the P308 protein bar cutting machine adops full 304 stainless steel,including the screw rod(spirals)...besides,the gear reducer and motor that we use are stonger,which can handle the harder mixture,that's why the P308 date bar machine can make the harder protein bar that the P307 snack bar can't do.


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