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P401 cereal bar machinery in China for large capacity
  • P401 cereal bar machinery in China for large capacity
  • P401 cereal bar machinery in China for large capacity
  • P401 cereal bar machinery in China for large capacity

P401 cereal bar machinery in China for large capacity

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name iPAPA
Certification CE
Model Number P401
Product Details
380V, Three Phase
Cooling Type:
Cooling Fans
Stainless Steel 304
1 Year
After-sales Service Provided:
Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas
Granola Bars, Cereal Bars, Muesli Bars, Peanut Bars,rice Bars, Etc.
Product Description

P401 cereal bar machinery in China for large capacity




P401 Automatic slab bar forming machine is designed to make bars based on cripsy rice, puffed rice, cereals, granolas, nuts, seeds, dry fruits, protein powder, grounded nut powders or energy elements. So the slab bar forming machine can make puffed rice bar, rice crispy/rice krispies, ceral bars, granola bars, muesli bars, nut bars, seed bars, dry fruit bars, protein bars, power bars, peanut bars, sesame snaps, and other energy bars. 


P401 Automatic slab bar making machine uses slab rolling technology to roll the material mixture into a whole slab with desired height and width, then the slab is cutted by the vertical and horizontal cutting knives to be each uniform sized bars.The roller width of the cereal bar cutting machine is 450mm and the Max cutting speed can be 30 times per minute,that means if the cereal bar width the customer make is 45mm,the  cereal bar machine can get the Max prodution capacity 300 pcs per minute.

The automatic P401 cereal bar production line is very easy to operate and use,the large output capacity in production and good in cutting and shaping and the length can be adjusted arbitrarily.Besides,the cereal bar machine also has a high degree of automation, reasonable machine structure and convenient operation and maintenance.That's why most customers will regard this granola bar making machine as an ideal equipment for food manufacturers to produce protein bars,nutritional cereal bars, nougat, etc


The granola bar production line is made of food-grade stainless steel, and the components are all from internationally renowned brands.

Adopt frequency conversion and PLC control system, which can realize highly automated production.


The fully automatic protein bar cutting machine is extremely cost-effective.In addition to reliable quality, durability and smooth operation, the device also has an extremely low price.


The complete slab bar making machine includes mixture feeding hopper, double rollers, double cooling fans, cross cutting unit, conveyor and control box. The cooling fans can be replaced by cooling tunnel for better cooling performance and cooling sticky bars, and the cross cutting unit can be replaced by bar separating system to separate bars from each other for chcolate coating purpose.


The complete cereal bar production line consists of sugar boiler, material mixer, material lifting conveyor, P401 slab bar forming machine, automatic packing machine. Fully automatic cereal bar line uses fully automatic cooking system ( electromagnetizing sugar boiler, sugar oil holding tank, sugar sprayer, lifting conveyor and spiral continuous mixer ), and fully automatic bar separating system, this depends on customer's requirements. The packing machine can be a separated energy bar packing machine or a full automatic bar sorting and packaging line. 




Model P401
Capacity 100-250 KG/H
Cooling type Cooling fans
Voltage 380V, three phase
Power 5kw


Weight 1200KG




1.The complete cereal bar making machine is a fully automatic produciton line with the PLC control system.

2.The cereal bar forming machine adopts German technology with the highest performance.

3.The cereal bar line is multifunctional,it can make cereal bar,nuts bar,seeds bar,energy bar,protein bar,etc.

4.The cereal bar production line can be perfectly connected with the chocolate enrobing line for making chocolate bars


P401 cereal bar machinery in China for large capacity 0

P401 Automatic slab bar forming machine demo video: 


P401 cereal bar machinery in China for large capacity 1

Cooker, mixer and material conveyor: 

P401 cereal bar machinery in China for large capacity 2

Bars produced by P401 Slab bar forming machine: 

P401 cereal bar machinery in China for large capacity 3



New model slab bar making machine video:



Old model slab bar making machine in customer's factory video:





Optional device: 


1. Bar separating system 

Bar separating system is used in the slab bar production line for bar separating from each other, so that each bar will has enough distance to be chocolate coated or packed by full automatic packaging line. 


P401 cereal bar machinery in China for large capacity 4



P401 cereal bar machinery in China for large capacity 5


Cooling tunnel with bar separating system video: 



2. Chocolate enrobing line 

The Chocolate enrobing line is used after the slab bar line for chocolate coating outside the bar or on the bottom of the bar. The separated bars will be transfered to the chocolate enrober and the long cooling tunnel will cool down the chocolate bars before entering the flow wrapping machine. 

P401 cereal bar machinery in China for large capacity 6

Chocolate enrobing line for energy bar video:



3. Full automatic sorting and flow wrapping line 

The full automatic sorting and flow wrapping line is used in the production lines like slab bar production line, protein bar production line or chocolate production line to do automatically bag flow wrap packaging. This section has no manual operation, all processes are done by the machine. 

P401 cereal bar machinery in China for large capacity 7

Bar sorting and flow wrappling line video: 




1.What is the voltage of the cereal bar cutting machine? Can we change the voltage?

The voltage of our cereal bar making machine is 380V, 50Hz, 3Ph, which can change the voltage, but it is all three items of electricity, and the power is consitant.


2.The cutting size of the cereal bar machine can be adjusted?

The conventional knife cannot adjust the size, it needs to be customized, because the blade is fixed on the casing, and the spacing between blades is fixed. If you want to cut off different sizes, it needs customize new knife.


3.What does the cereal bar making machine consist of?

The cereal bar making machine includes feeding hopper, double rollers, cooling fans, cutting unit, conveyor and control box.

4.Do you have spare parts comes with the granola bar machinery?

Yes, a set of spare parts will come with the granola bar machinery, as well as the tool box.


5.Is the granola bar forming machine easy to operation?

The granola bar forming  machine is controlled by PLC with touch screen panel, all actions are controlled inside this panel, so the granola bar press machine is easy to operate.


6.Is the cereal bar cutting machine easy to clean?
The cereal bar cutting machine only need to clean the surface of belt and rollers, as well as the cutting blades. 


Slab bar forming machine is the most mature product made by Papa Industrial, It has different names in different countries, it is often called cereal bar making machine and granola bar making machine in USA and European countries, It is often called peanut candy bar making machine in India, or sesame snaps making machine and muesli bar making machine in Middle East, etc. No matter it's a cereal bar prodction line, granola bar production line or energy bar production line, they are all slab bar forming line, only some parts of the slab bar line need to be customized.


Welcome to contact us if you are interested in our multifunctional energy bar making machine! 


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