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Chocolate Protein Bar Production line Ready To Ship To US Customer

October 14, 2022

Latest company news about Chocolate Protein Bar Production line Ready To Ship To US Customer

After more than 48 days,we finally finish the production for the chocolate protein bar production line for our US customer and arrange the testing immediately for the whole chocolate protein bar production machine before the shipment.

The complete chocolate energy bar making machine consist of the P307 protien bar extruder machine,8kg small chocolate enrober,3.2m cooling tunnel,100 liter chocolate melting tank,chocolate pump,connection pipes and vales,turning conveyor,fliping conveyor,automatic flow wrapping machine with tracking sensor and metal detector.


1.The P307 Protein bar machine is the bar forming machine,which is used to make the protein bar or energy bar with desired size.

2.The small chocolate enrober machine is used to coat the chocolate on the surface of the bar,the chocolate coating can be fully coated or bottom coated on the bar.

3.The 3.2m cooling tunnel is used to cool or dry the chocolate quickly after enrobing chocolate.

4.The chocolate melting tank and pump is used to achieving continuous chocolate supplying for the small chocoalte enrober.

5.The 180 ° Turning conveyor is used to connect the cooling tunnel and flow wrapping line or fliping conveyor for saving space.

6.The flipping conveyor is used to fip the finished chocolate protein bar to make the smoonty chcoolate surface on top

7.The automatic flow wrapping line is used to pack the finished chocolate protein bar automatically

8.The metal detector is widely used for detecting metals in food to ensure product safety.


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