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Shanghai Papa Industrial Co.,LTD latest company case about Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

Oatmeal Breakfast Bars


latest company case about Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

About Oatmeal Breakfast Bar


Oatmeal bar is a very popular energy bar in US,which is mainly consist of the oatmeal and other ingredients.Usually the oatmeal bar will be also called oatmeal breakfast bars,which are great for whenever you need to take breakfast on the go or have a quick protein boost throughout the day.

About Oatmeal Breakfast Bar Machine

There are two ways to make the oatmeal bar by machine,one is our small P307 energy bar machine and other is our large P401 cereal bar making machine.The small P037 energy bar making machine is specially designed to produce the sticky and soft snack food with small sized granula, such as Fruit Bar, protein bar,Nutrition Cereal Bar, Energy Bar,oatmeal bar,etc.Usually the mixture of the these bars have to be soft or semi hard and the granulas have to be very small with the size 1-3mm.

The P307 Small fruit bar machine consist of the fruit bar extruder and protein bar cutting machine,the protein bar extruder is horizontal designed for better dough transfering, and driven by two PE spirals inside the stainless steel flat feeding hopper, the sprials will transfer the pre-mixed dough to the rectifier for dough equally distribution, then the dough comes of the custom made nozzles to form a bar and finally conveyored and cutted by a separate vertical fruit bar cutting machine. 


The P401 full automatic cereal bar machine is designed to make bars based on cripsy rice, puffed rice, cereals, granolas, nuts, seeds, dry fruits, protein powder, grounded nut powders or energy elements. So the slab bar forming machine can make puffed rice bar, rice crispy/rice krispies, ceral bars, granola bars, muesli bars, nut bars, seed bars, dry fruit bars, protein bars, power bars, peanut bars, sesame snaps, and other energy bars.


P401 full automatic nuts bar making machine uses slab rolling technology to roll the material mixture into a whole slab with desigend height and width, then the slab can be cutted by the cross cutting knives to be each uniform sized bars. The complete slab bar making machine includes mixture feeding hopper, double rollers, double cooling fans, cross cutting unit, conveyor and control box. The cooling fans can be replaced by cooling tunnel for better cooling performance and cooling sticky bars, and the cross cutting unit can be replaced by bar separating system to separate bars from each other for chocolte coating purpose, this will make the slab bar making machine a fully automatic slab bar machine.


The roller width of the cereal bar making machine is 450mm and its Max cutting speed can be 30 times,that means if you make the nuts bar width 45mm,it can make the nuts with the production capacity with 300 pcs of nuts bar per minute.


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