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Granola Bars

May 19, 2022

Latest company case about Granola Bars

Granola Bars is a very popular bar food,which is made of a mixture of oats and other ingredients (such as brown sugar, raisins, coconut, or nuts) that is eaten as a snack.The granola bar is also called slab bar,muesli bar or cereal bar,it will be made of soft or hard mixture with different ingredients and finally been compressed into a bar shape and is held together with some form of edible adhesive.

About Granola Bar Machine

There are two different methods for granola bar making,soft granola bar machine are suitale with extrusion method and customer can choose our small P307 granola bar making machine,but if the mixture of the granola bar is very hard and the cutomers need high production capacity,cusomters can choose our P401 granolar bar making machine.


The P401 granola bar making machine is designed to make bars based on cripsy rice, puffed rice, cereals, granolas, nuts, seeds, dry fruits, protein powder, grounded nut powders or energy elements. So the slab bar forming machine can make puffed rice bar, rice crispy/rice krispies, ceral bars, granola bars, muesli bars, nut bars, seed bars, dry fruit bars, protein bars, power bars, peanut bars, sesame snaps, and other energy bars.


The standard cereal bar production line includes: Sugar cooker, temperature control material mixer, material lifting conveyor, cereal bar making machine, cereal bar packaging machine.


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