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Shanghai Papa Industrial Co.,LTD latest company case about Fruit bar

Fruit bar


latest company case about Fruit bar

Fruit bar is a popular food,which is similar to the cookie bar,protein bar,energy bar or fig bar,but containing chopped fruits either mixed in the dough or spread between layers of dough then baked and cut in bars.We have many customers who make this kind fruit bar by hand for selling,but the efficiency it very low and they want to find a small fruit bar making machine with small size so that they can operate it in the limited operation space.Our small fruit bar making machine is borned for this small business purpose.


About Fruit Bar Machine


The fruit bar machine is also called Fruit Bar Making Machine or energy bar making machine,which is specially designed to produce the sticky snack food, such as Fruit Bar, Granola Bar, Nutrition Cereal Bar, Energy Bar, Nuts Bar, Nougat Cake, Nougat Caramel Treats and so on.

The P307 Small fruit bar machine consist of the fruit bar extruder and protein bar cutting machine,the protein bar extruder is horizontal designed for better dough transfering, and driven by two PE spirals inside the stainless steel flat feeding hopper, the sprials will transfer the pre-mixed dough to the rectifier for dough equally distribution, then the dough comes of the custom made nozzles to form a bar and finally conveyored and cutted by a separate vertical fruit bar cutting machine. The P307 Small fruit bar making machine is controlled by PLC program and operated by screen panel. All settings are done in the touch screen,which includes each section speed adjustment and memory settings.

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The Small protein bar making machine can be used alone or combined with other food machines: It can combine cooling tunnel for products which need cooling; It can combine chocolate enrober for chocolate coated products; It can combine packing machine for auto bag wrapping: It can combine oven for baking; It can be used in other food production line, etc.


For more information about fruit bar machine, please contact us via inquiry form or email.

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