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P188 Automatic Maamoul Cookies Encrusting Machine For Sales
  • P188 Automatic Maamoul Cookies Encrusting Machine For Sales
  • P188 Automatic Maamoul Cookies Encrusting Machine For Sales
  • P188 Automatic Maamoul Cookies Encrusting Machine For Sales

P188 Automatic Maamoul Cookies Encrusting Machine For Sales

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name iPAPA
Certification CE
Model Number P188
Product Details
20-80 Pcs/min
Product Shape:
Ball, Cone, Round Strip, Side Square, Terraced, Serrate, Etc
Product Weight:
Casing And Filling Proportion:
220V,Single Phase
1670*920*1750 Mm
Stainless Steel 304
1 Year
After-sales Service Provided:
Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas
Bakery Food, Frozen Food, Confectionery, Savory, Other Snacks
High Light: 

Stainless Steel 304 Automatic Encrusting Machine


Maamoul Cookie Encrusting Machine


Automatic Cookie Encrusting Machine

Product Description

P188 Automatic maamoul cookies encrusting machine for sales




P188 Automatic maamoul cookies encrusting machine is an advanced food processing equipment designed for the efficient and reliable production of various foods. The machine has several cutting-edge features that make it an excellent choice for food processing manufacturers.


One of the most notable improvements to the P188 is the enlarged connecting tube and seat bore between the regulator and valve body. This modification ensures a quick, smooth discharge of material, reducing the chance of material damage. Larger body, fewer parts, no dead angle, making the machine easier to clean. Ample interior space allows for the future installation of quadruple filling systems, ensuring increased productivity.




1. The inner hole of the connecting pipe and the connecting seat at the connection between the rectifier and the main body is enlarged to reduce the damage of raw materials and discharge the materials faster and more smoothly.

2. The main body is enlarged, the accessories are reduced, there is no dead angle, and it is easy to clean. And there is enough internal space when the quadruple filling is added later, the output is smoother, and the production capacity is higher than that of P170.

3. The inner stuffing tube adopts Lane's technology, and the material is discharged smoothly, and the material will not be eccentric, and the center ring is not needed. The P170 encrusting machine relies on the center ring to fix the eccentricity problem. It will damage the raw material. The material is cast aluminum as a whole and is not easy to damage.

4. The inner filling tube is fixed by pulling up, and the inner filling tube can be removed without dismantling the four fixed die head bolts, thus saving cleaning and disassembly time.

5. The upper machine board of the triple stuffing has reserved holes for egg yolk beating, and the egg yolk beating device can be directly installed later to achieve egg yolk beating, and the egg yolk beating position is fixed on the upper machine board, which is more stable than P160.

6. The cutter adopts the vertical up and down movement cutting method, the incision is parallel to the conveyor belt, the filling effect is more uniform, and the stability of the weight is better guaranteed (the motor is imported from Japan with brakes, which is the same brand as Rennes.) The motor Brand Nissei. P160 is a swing structure.

7. The cutting knife, the lifting of the cutter head and the upper top are all made of gold processing structure, the transmission is stable and the noise is small, and the machine will not shake when the machine is turned on at 100 pieces/minute. The power of the 160 cutter head adopts a sheet metal structure. 160, drive a little faster and the machine shakes, because the internal cutter head transmission is a swing structure.

8. The noise of the upper cam is small, and the adjustment of the upper cam is simple and convenient.

9. The German igus corner bearing is used at the knife edge of the conveyor belt, which has a smaller friction force than the 160 sheet metal crushing edge, thus greatly improving the life of the belt.

10. Stirring teeth and copper lining are processed with new materials, which are more wear-resistant, and do not produce black oil or leak materials.

11. The fixed die head of the outer mold is not easy to damage the wire teeth when cleaning the inner teeth, and the disassembly wrench is equipped with a hexagonal hole type, which is easier to disassemble.

12. The touch screen is placed on the left, so that the left hand can control the touch screen and the right hand can pick up the product during debugging.



Model P188
Capacity 40-120pcs/min
Product shape ball, cone, round strip, side square, terraced, serrate and etc.
Product weight 10-270g
Casing and filling proportion 1:9-10:0
Voltage 220V, single phase
Power 3.0kw
Dimension 1680*1200*1700mm
Weight 400KG



P188 Automatic Maamoul Cookies Encrusting Machine For Sales 0



P188 Spiral type automatic double filling encrusting machine display: 




Food produced by P170 Spiral type double filling encrusting machine: 


P188 Automatic Maamoul Cookies Encrusting Machine For Sales 1


P170 Spiral type double filling encrusting machine can also make below food: 

P188 Automatic Maamoul Cookies Encrusting Machine For Sales 2



Double filling encrusting machine for layer bar: 



Double filling encrusting machine for cookies: 


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