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Shanghai Papa Industrial Co.,LTD latest company case about Chocolate energy bar

Chocolate energy bar


latest company case about Chocolate energy bar

Chocolate energy bar is made of energy bar,protein bar or date ball with one layer of the chocolate coating.When customsers make this kind chocolate energy bar food,they need make the energy bar food by hand first and then coat the chocolate on the full surace of the energy bar food by hand,this will take much time and labor,also this process is very difficult to control to make sure all the end chocolated energy bar food with consistent weight,uniform thickness and perfect finish.So they are urgent to find a small scale machine to do the job and our chocolate energy bar machine is borned for this purpose.

Chocolate energy bar machine 


P307 Chocolate Energy Bar Making Machine consist of energy bar extruder, protein bar cutter, chocolate enrober, chocolate cooling tunnel,180 ° turning conveyor, connection conveyor, flow wrapping machine. Customer can freely choose the machines needed for suitable collocation.


Energy bar extruder machine and protein bar cutting machine is the bar forming machine, the extrusion nozzles can be customized by bar width and height. The protein bar making machine can adjust the bar length by screen panel.


Chocolate enrober is the essential equipment for chocolate coating outside the bar, the chocolate coating can be fully coated or bottom coated on the bar, of course, the chocolate enrober machine can coat other food as well besides the bar products. We have different capacities ( 8KG/15KG/30KG/60KG ) chocolate enrober for customer to choose according to their production line. 


Chocolate cooling tunnel is the essential equipment for chocolate cooling,The cooling tunnel has strong 3P power refrigerating unit to reach minimum minus 20 ℃ temperature. Except for cooling chocolate, customer can connect the cooling tunnel right after the protein bar machine for making sticky bars without chocolate coating.


180 ° Turning conveyor is used to connect the cooling tunnel and flow wrapping line for saving space. Customer can take it out as long as he has enough space for the protien bar production line. Besides, we can customize the turning conveyor to different radian ( such as 90 °)to meet customer's factory layout.


Flow wrapping line has automatic sensor to sort and count the bars in order before entering the flow wrapping machine, and the film downside wrapping type can perfectly protect the bars from broken or deformed, especially for protecting fragile and sticky bars.


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