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Why we need a protein ball machine to make the protein ball rather than make it by hand?

December 16, 2022

Latest company news about Why we need a protein ball machine to make the protein ball rather than make it by hand?

Are you still troubled by making protein balls by hand? Are you still troubled by the tedious processing of protein balls? Are you still troubled by the high labor cost of processing protein balls? Here, our date ball and energy ball machine can help you solve these problems! ! !

That making protein ball by hand will be very slow,very low efficiency, high labor cost, time-consuming and laborious, poor sanitation, raw materials are not processed for a short time, and are easy to deteriorate,the biggest problem is the size and weight of the product can't always be consistent and uinform.


But if we use the protein ball machine to make it,the efficiency and produciton capacity will be high,saving a lot of labor, reducing the cost of the enterprise, the produced products are beautiful in appearance, consistent in size, creating a pure handmade taste, hygienic and clean, ensuring fast production of raw materials and short time, prompting enterprises to make as soon as possible product. Invest in the market and profit as quickly as possible.


Actually energy balls and date ball machines are one of the most popular products in our company. Energy ball and date ball machine can be used to produce various types of food balls like date balls, protein balls, energy balls, cookie dough balls, coconut balls, bliss balls, chocolate truffle balls, tamarind balls, cake slices, dough balls , Bounty Balls, Rum Balls, Brigadeiros, Sesame Balls, etc. The protein ball machine is suitable for restaurants, cake shops, supermarkets, hotels, factories and other occasions, with a wide range of applications.


Customers can choose our large P160 protein ball maker machine and small P110 date ball maker according to their requriements.For example,if the customer's operation space is very small,customer cann choose our small P110 protein ball maker.


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