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Company news about Why choose our P190 encrusting machine?

Why choose our P190 encrusting machine?


Latest company news about Why choose our P190 encrusting machine?

The Papa 190 encrusting machine is an excellent solution for those who need to produce large quantities of pastries containing hard fillings, strong gluten, and larger weights. It is a versatile machine that can make a wide variety of sweets such as kubba, coxinha, falafel, croquettes, large ham mooncakes, five-grain mooncakes, and egg yolk sweets. The ingredients can vary, including jam, chocolate, cream, ice cream, red bean paste, minced meat, and a paste mixed with small nuts (sesame, corn, peanuts). Due to its large production capacity, it is suitable for mass production.


It is specialized for the product with big and hard fillings, larger weight and strong gluten. It can make pastries like kubba, coxinha, falafel, croquette, big size ham moon cake, five kernel moon cake and egg yolk pastry. The fillings of pastry can be numerous, such as jam, chocolate, cream, ice cream, bean paste, minced meat, paste mixed with small nuts (sesame, corn, peanut).


P190 vs. P160 encrusting machine upgrade points:


1. The hopper is extended by 95° to store more materials. The stable pressure wheel assembly is equipped with a sealing ring to prevent oil leakage.
2. The pushing screw driving shaft is thickened to 30°, which can stably extrude hard-to-squeeze materials such as mochi, ice peel, and five kernels.
3. The power transmission part of the stable pressure wheel is built inside the long gear box, which is more beautiful and easy to clean.
4. A limiter device is added at the connection between the rectifier and the hopper fixed seat to prevent the rectifier from moving to both sides during operation.
5. The rectifier adopts the lower discharge port discharging method, which is smoother and more conducive to the fluids such as soup and oil in the material entering the body smoothly.
6. The main body is enlarged, the accessories are reduced, there are no dead corners, and it is easy to clean. And can make 1500g products
When adding four layers of stuffing later, there is enough internal space, the material discharging is smoother, and the production capacity is higher than 160.
7. The filling tube adopts Lane's technology and the material is discharged smoothly, and the material will not be eccentric and does not require a center ring. 160 relies on the center ring to fix the eccentricity problem, which will damage the raw material. The material is made of cast aluminum and is not easily damaged.
8. The stuffing tube adopts the upward fixing method, which can be removed without removing the four fixed die head bolts, thus saving cleaning and disassembly time.
9. The mixing adopts Lane's latest processing technology, which can achieve no material or oil leakage, and no black oil will be produced after long-term use. At the same time, the stirring motor has been upgraded to a 750w motor, which makes the operation more stable and powerful.
10. The touch screen is placed on the left. During debugging, the touch screen can be controlled by the left hand and the product can be picked up by the right hand.
11. The cutterhead adopts a quick-release method, which can greatly save the time of disassembling and assembling the cutterhead. In the later stage, the sliding block version of the suspended knife can be optional (the advantage of the slider version of the suspended knife: the cut products are evenly distributed up and down).
12. The German igus angular bearing is used at the conveyor belt's knife edge to have less friction than the 160 sheet metal dead edge, thus greatly extending the belt life.
13. The cutter, cutter head lift and top are all made of metal processing structure, the transmission is stable and the noise is low. The machine will not shake when the machine is turned on to 100 pieces/minute. The 160 cutter head adopts sheet metal structure. 160, the machine will shake if you drive it a little faster, because the internal cutterhead transmission is a swing structure.
14. The cutter lifting power and the cutter opening and closing power are divided into two motors, so that the cutting point can be set on the touch screen. In the later stage, a servo version of the lifting motor can be selected to achieve rapid lifting and lowering, allowing the cutter to cut products. The descending speed is synchronized with the discharging speed of the main body, making the products even and round, and can better reduce the weight error of the product.
15. The top cam has low noise, and the top cam is simple and convenient to adjust. At the same time, the top cam is stable and does not shake.
16. It can wrap a whole double egg yolk, and this device has a quick-release structure.
17. When the Y device is installed, hard filling materials such as egg yolk and meat floss materials can be squeezed out.

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