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Company news about What's the small chocolate enrober machine?

What's the small chocolate enrober machine?


Latest company news about What's the small chocolate enrober machine?

The mini chocolate enrober consists of melting pot, enrobing device and cooling conveyor or cooling tunnel. The melting pot is the most important equipment which is used for chocolate heating and melting, temperature warm keeping. It can be used to supply the chocolate enrobing or to be used as a manual type chocolate depositor. The commercial chocolate enrober comes with a deposting nozzle which can be mounted on the melting pot, then the depositing nozzle will leak the chocolate liquid to chocolate mould handed manually by hand.


The chocolate enrobing is a process that uses a “waterfall” of chocolate to provide a delicious coating of chocolate on products such as cakes, chips, peanuts, popcorn, cookies and peanut energy bars. The coating can consist of milk, dark, or white chocolate, as well as other coatings. During the enrobing process, a curtain of chocolate covers the product. The bottom of the product is coated at the same time by passing over a pool of chocolate.Traditionally, the enrobing or coating process was often done manually by hand dipping the filling, confection or snack in tempered chocolate. This manual process can be slow and cumbersome


The chocolate enrobing device can create a "waterfall" of chocolate liquid for one or two different coating,which can make the products that need be coated can go through the chocolate waterfall paste before they move down the freezubg Tunnel. Once coated, the the food will pass under an air curtain and over a vibrating plate to remove the excess chocolate.Then the chocolate coated food will continue to go through the Cooling Tunnel for cooling or drying.


Customers who have small chocolate production demand and very limited operation space can choose our small chocolate enrober.The small chocolate enrober machine can create a precise and consistent enrobing chocolate process that can make finished chocolate food products with consistent weight and uniform thickness,such as protein bar, energy bar, cereal bar, granola bars, energy ball, date ball, truffles, cookies, biscuits, crackers, pies, cakes, breads, wafer sticks, egg rolls, fruits, nuts, candy bars, donuts and so on.


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