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Company news about What does customer say about papa machine?

What does customer say about papa machine?


Latest company news about What does customer say about papa machine?

As what we introduced before,Papa machine specialized in providing equipment customization services for the snack food industry.The snack food machine that we mainly produce is protein ball machine,energy ball rolling machine, cereal bar machine,protein bar machine,peanut bar machine,sesame bar machine,encrusting machine,mooncake machine,chocolate enrober machine,bread machine and so on.


In the past 2 years,papa machine have sold out more than 200 sets of snack food machine,most of these machines are ordered by the the snack food supplier and they will use these snack bar food machine for daily production.In general,90% customers can operate and run the machine well to produce their food products according to the operation video instruction that we provide,10% of them can make their special food successful with the help of our online engineer.As what most machine users told,the machine that Papa produce is very easy to learn how to operate,stable and durable in the pratical production,working very excellent and great!


However,there's still more improvement that we need do in the future.For example,some protein bar supplier who need make the harder and denser protein bar,but the old P307 protein bar machine that we produce is not able to make it.With the growth of the more and more this kind requirement,we are finally going to develop a new protein bar machine with stonger torque.


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