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Company news about Papa new launched P188 double filling encrusting machine

Papa new launched P188 double filling encrusting machine


Latest company news about Papa new launched P188 double filling encrusting machine

P188 Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine is an advanced food processing equipment designed for the efficient and reliable production of various foods. The machine has several cutting-edge features that make it an excellent choice for food processing manufacturers.The inner hole of the connecting pipe and the connecting seat at the connection between the rectifier and the main body is enlarged to reduce the damage of raw materials and discharge the materials faster and more smoothly.The main body is enlarged, the accessories are reduced, there is no dead angle, and it is easy to clean. And there is enough internal space when the quadruple filling is added later, the output is smoother, and the production capacity is higher than that of P160.The inner stuffing tube adopts Lane's technology, and the material is discharged smoothly, and the material will not be eccentric, and the center ring is not needed. The P160 relies on the center ring to fix the eccentricity problem. It will damage the raw material. The material is cast aluminum as a whole and is not easy to damage.



It can produce baked products: Cantonese-style moon cakes, pineapple cakes, soft cookies with soft core, mixed egg yolk cakes, wedding eggs, open small pizza, peach cakes, small volcano-shaped cookies, mung bean cakes, coconut silk balls, handmade cookies, panda cookies , e-shaped cakes, mosaic biscuits, pumpkin cakes, Cantonese-style wife cakes, jujube cakes (two-color burst cookies, heart-flowing moon cakes, horseshoe cakes, yin and yang sandwich cakes, brushed pineapple cakes, gradient moon cakes, covered moon cakes, whole egg yolk mooncake)


Cooking products: snowy cakes, crystal cakes, green balls, mochi, long strips of mochi, glutinous rice cakes, Tiaotou cakes, donkey rolls, big glutinous rice balls, Dafu (marshmallow mochi, two-color mochi, stuffed green group)


Breakfast products: pocket cake forming, glutinous rice cake forming, beef cake,


Fish ball products: fish balls, meat balls, crystal buns, shrimp cakes, cheese rice cakes, crispy bananas, pumpkin cakes, brown sugar glutinous rice cakes (two-color fish balls, two-color crystal bags, yin-yang fish balls)


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