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Company news about How To Produce A Variety Of Mooncake Efficiently ?

How To Produce A Variety Of Mooncake Efficiently ?


Latest company news about How To Produce A Variety Of Mooncake Efficiently ?

Mooncakes are wheat flour cakes with intricate patterns embossed on them.They usually have a sweet filling, the most popular being mixed nuts, lotus paste, red bean paste and mung bean paste. With the creation of different types of mooncakes, the variety of fillings is also increasing rapidly, including durian and oil cloth.


PAPA's P160 Automatic mooncake production line is recommended for producing high quality mooncakes and maamoul with great efficiency. The final products can be made with different pattern by installing different stamping mould.The machine is very easy to clean, maintain, and only requires simple parameter settings to operate. It is suitable for bakeries and confectioneries alike.

The complete maamoul production line consists of three machines: P160 Automatic encrusting machine, Automatic mooncake stamping machine and Automatic tray aligning machine,the automatic encrusting machine is used to make the mooncake dough with desired size or weight,the stamping machine is used to make the patten on the surface of the mooncake,the automatic tray aligning machine is used to collect the finished mooncake.

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