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How to make peanut oatmeal ball by Papa small oatmeal ball machine?

November 18, 2022

Latest company news about How to make peanut oatmeal ball by Papa small oatmeal ball machine?

Papa small P110 oatmeal ball machine is our hot selling energy ball making machine that we desigend for different ball shape food making,such as energy ball,protein ball,bliss ball,date ball,oat ball,coconut ball,cookie,etc.This small protein ball machine is mainly designed for the customers who  have very limited operation space,but need the machine to add efficiency to their business.The production speed of the small energy ball machine can be 40-60 pcs per minute.Besides,we upgrade the machine with our new advanced PLC touch control panel system,which can make the operation easier and more stable.Meanwhile we upgraded the induction motor and gear reducer,which can make the machine get stonger toruqe to handle different mixture.


The steps for making oatmeal ball by papa small protein ball machine:


1.Ingredients preparation:

Get 3.4kg rolled oats,1.7kg honey,1.6kg maple syrup,86 grams vanilla extract,2.5 kg peanut butter and 80 grams raisins in hand


2.Ingredients mixing:

Put all the ingredients that well prepared in the dough mixer for mixing to get the finished mixute


3.Oatmeal ball forming 

Put the well-mixed ingredients in the hopper of small protein ball machine and install the extrusion mold for the ball size you want,then run the machine and the oatmeal ball can be finished automatically.

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