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Company news about Best tamarind ball machine 2022 that you must see!

Best tamarind ball machine 2022 that you must see!


Latest company news about Best tamarind ball machine 2022 that you must see!

Tamarind balls are also known as tamarind ball candy, these balls are coated with sugar.These are sweet, with a slight hint of tart, and are super delicious.The tamarind balls are usually seen at every roadside shop, in large groceries, and even in kiosks at different airports.


The common way is to make the tamarind ball use your hands and knead the sugar and seasonings into the tamarind flesh,but it's only for home family's requirement.If you want to sell it or supply them to the cafe or shop,it's abovious that the hand making can't meet your daily requirement.At the moment we need get a good tamarind ball machine to improve the production efficiency.


Different from other machine,our auomatic tamarind ball machine consist of tamarind ball extruder,automatic ball roller and sugar coating machine.In this way,the tamarind ball machine can cut the dough ball well and then roll the dough ball into 100% ball shape with sugar coating.The torque of our tamarind ball machine is very strong,which can handle different mixture(even it's a little hard or very sticky).

We have an US customer who get a machine from other supplier,but their machine does not cut the ball right through, so they have to cut with scissors. This is mainly because of strings in the Tamarind. Waste a lot of time. So they have to buy a machine here that can give them a perfect ball the first time and reduce our labor cost of inspecting and cutting the balls with scissors.



* Extruding machine can add additional device for producing various food

* PUSH-BACK functional can shaping product with wonderful shape

* Easy to adjust the size, weight, ratio of dough and filling

* PLC system can save 99kinds of recipe.

* The language in PLC can be English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, French,etc as your request

* Durable SUS 304 stainless steel for full machin body 

* Protein ball roller/rounder make the balls size more precisely

* Energy ball Rounder suitable for date ball, rum ball, chocolate cookies ball, peanut cookie ball, protein ball,energy bites ball, sesame ball, etc

* Coating machine suitable for different material, like sugar(Tamarind ball), coconut, sesame,powder,etc


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