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Company news about Become a Papa snack food machine distributor

Become a Papa snack food machine distributor


Latest company news about Become a Papa snack food machine distributor

Are you looking for profitable distribution opportunities? Are you experienced in marketing your products and have a strong network of independent partners? We attach great importance to the development of international b2b business and our sales relationship with distribution entrepreneurs. At Papa, it is our core mission to help you successfully market our products in your region and to provide the support you need to grow your distribution business in the long run as a trusted and valuable distributor.


Papa has been manufacturing and supplying the food machinery for more than 8 years. We have successfully designed and developed our food machinery for producing snack bars, cookies,protein ball and other stuffed and non stuffed snack food,etc


Our major products are encrusting machine, mooncake and maamoul machine, protein bar machine, cereal bar machine, protein ball machine and chocolate enrober machine. We can provide customer both food making machine and turnkey solution for food production line.


Our major sales markets are Western and Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Australia. We also successfully expanded our products to North Africa, South Africa and India in recent years.


All the equipment are very easy to install and operate and we will directly provide the technical support and after-sales here,but considering that some customers will always need do the testing for our equipment before their purchase,we are also considering developing distributors in some regions,otherwise we have to ask the customers to send their mixture here for testing or we have to buy the ingredients according to their recipe and then arrange the testing here,but you know usually it will more time.


If you are going to resell our machine in Europe,we suggest you to start with our below equipment:


1.Automatic encrusting machine

Used to make filling soft stuffed pastries such as kubba ( kibbeh ), coxinha, croquette, arancini, arepas, falafel, mooncake,maamoul, kahk cookie, pineapple cake, mochi, ice cream mochi, meat ball,filled cookies,etc


2.P307 Single prow protein bar extruder with cutter

Used to make one stuffed protein bar with different shapes like bar shape, round shape, disc shape, bites shape, pyramid shape, etc,such as protein bar, date bar, fruit bar, energy bar, power bar, nutrition bar, coconut bar, cookies and so on.


3.Small dough ball extruder+Ball roller+Coconut coating machine(Optional)

Used to make non stuffed ball shape food,such as protein balls, energy balls, date balls, cookie dough balls,etc


4.Automatic encrusting machine+Ball roller+powder coating machine(Optional)

Used to make non stuffed and stuffed ball shape food,such as energy ball, protein ball, date ball, coconut ball, bounty ball, bliss ball, rum ball, enery bites, cookie dough ball, cookie dough bites, cake pops, chocolate ball, truffles, brigadeiro, tamarind ball, marzipan, bunelos, sesame ball, cheese ball, cheese nuggets, potato ball, ladoo, etc.


5.Automatic encrusting machine+Protein bar cutter

Used to make mooncakes, maamouls, pineapple cakes, filled cookies, stamped cookies,etc
If you are going to order a machine as demo machine,you can consider our automatic encrusting machine+protein bar cutter+ball roller...
For this combination,you can use them to make stuffed and non stuffed energy bar and energy ball food and other stuffed food.


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