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Taiwanese pineapple cakes

May 23, 2022

Latest company case about Taiwanese pineapple cakes

About Taiwanese pineapple cakes


Taiwanese pineapple cake is also called Fènglísū is , one of the most popular desserts and souvenirs in Taiwan. The cake consists of a buttery, crumbly crust filled with a rich, slightly sweet pineapple jam. The name of the dish comes from fèng lí, which means pineapple, and sū, which means shortbread.

About Taiwanese pineapple cakes machine

P160 Bakery Confectionery Food Automatic Encrusting Machine is suitable for making stuffed and non-stuffed food product, like Arancini,Coxinha,falafel,meatball,filled cookies,mosaic cookies, panda cookies, twist cookies, designed cookies, shortbread butter cookies, flat cookies, biscotti, crackers, kahk, etc.), maamoul and mooncakes, mochi and mochi ice cream,,etc.

The P160 automatic encrusting machine is equipped with touch control panel and computer system to adjust the speed, weight, size, and the proportion of skin and filling,it can also change different skin thickness, length, size of food by the machine.For making pineapple cake,we can customize a customized nozzle mold for the P160 automatic encrusting machine,there's two feeding hopper on the P160 encrusting machine:left hopper for the dough casing and extrusion, the other right hopper for center filling materials,customzes just need put the dought and filling material in the two feeding hopper accordingly,the pineapple cake can be formed through the extrusion mold and then cut to the specific lenght by protein cutter.The P160 encrusting machine can also work with the protein bar cutter to make stuffed enegy bar,such as fig bar,fig newtown,etc.It can also work with our ball roller to make stuffed protein ball and energy ball food.


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