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Shanghai Papa Industrial Co.,LTD latest company case about Sesame Ball

Sesame Ball


latest company case about Sesame Ball

Sesame seed balls are one of the most popular desserts in China and Taiwan, offered at dim sum restaurants and sold by street vendors. They have a crispy exterior with a chewy interior, and a toasty, nutty, sweet taste. A simple dough of sugar, water, and rice flour is wrapped around a filling of red bean paste, then the balls are coated in sesame seeds and deep-fried until golden brown.

Although worth trying at home, there is a certain technique required while deep-frying: the sesame seed balls need to be turned continually to expand. It takes practice to skillfully maneuver the balls in the hot oil. Even with practice, you may not be able to replicate the perfectly shaped, large sesame seed balls sold at Chinese bakeries, but they will still taste delicious.


This dessert is best served while still hot so, ideally, eat them as soon as possible for the best taste.


About Sesame Ball Machine


P160-Automatic Sesame Ball machine can make make many kinds of ball products, such as energy ball, protein ball, date ball, coconut ball, bounty ball, bliss ball, rum ball, enery bites, cookie dough ball, cookie dough bites, cake pops, chocolate ball, truffles, brigadeiro, tamarind ball, marzipan, bunelos, sesame ball, cheese ball, cheese nuggets, potato ball, ladoo, etc. The most often made is energy ball and coconut date ball, so the energy ball making machine is also called date ball making machine.


Also we have small ball machine,which can make different balls food without fillings,more details please click our small P110 protein ball making machine.


For more information about fried sesame ball forming machine, please contact us via inquiry form or email.

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