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Shanghai Papa Industrial Co.,LTD latest company case about Mochi Cookie

Mochi Cookie


latest company case about Mochi Cookie

Mochi is made of steamed and mashed sticky rice with elastic and tender but chewy texture. Such texture has become a special feature which was widely used in bakery and confectionery. For example, mochi will be added to traditional Chinese pastry to enrich the texture. Nowadays, as cookie and biscuit are consumed more and more, a mix of western confectioneries and eastern sweets was developed. As a variant of wagashi, eastern mochi cookie is a cookie with soft and tender crust and mochi filling. As for western mochi cookie, chocolate chip cookie is commonly seen.

About Mochi Cookie Machine

P160 Bakery Confectionery Food Automatic Encrusting Machine is an automatic filling and forming machine which is efficient for dim sum ball making. In addition to the high capacity,P160 is compatible with double filling feeder,jam filling feeder, solid filling feeder, bun shutter, rounder and moulder, and etc. Efficiently, you can produce croquette, burger patty, meatball, arancini, coxinha, Scotch egg, kibbeh/kubba, pyzy, surimi ball, falafel and knödel.


Papa Industrial also upgraded our model for making ice cream mochi: our P180 Automatic encrusting and aligning machine. This mochi ice cream making machine has automatic tray arranger which can collect the mochi ice cream and do the powder sprinkling automatically.

For more details, please click our P180 Automatic Encrusting and Aligning Machine


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