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Shanghai Papa Industrial Co.,LTD latest company case about Mochi



latest company case about Mochi

Mochi is a snack. Formally written as "mochi", mochi is a kind of glutinous rice flour or other starches made from glutinous rice flour or other starches. It is a kind of elastic and viscous food, which comes from China. It is called rice cake in Japan, and it is actually rice cake (the big difference from Chinese and Korean rice cakes is that Japanese rice cakes are softer and have no toughness). In the mainland, it is also called Cao Bing. In Zhejiang, it is also called Ma Ji directly, but it is actually called Ma Cong. 

There are many different kinds of mochi like red bean mochi, milk mochi, cream mochi, matcha mochi, mochi ice cream, strawberry mochi, etc. 


Mochi making machine


What is the suitable machine for making mochi? Mochi is automatically made by P160 Automatic encrusting machine, As the ideal mochi making machine, the encrusting machine can make mochi with different mochi. For more details, please click our P160 Automatic Encrusting Machine

Papa Industrial also upgraded our model for making ice cream mochi: our P180 Automatic encrusting and aligning machine. This mochi ice cream making machine has automatic tray aligning system which can collect the mochi ice cream and do the powder sprinkling automatically. For more details, please click our P180 Automatic Encrusting and Aligning Machine.



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