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Maamoul (Date filled) cookies

April 15, 2022

Latest company case about Maamoul (Date filled) cookies

Maamoul cookies are known as the Arabic cookies with dates. Ma'amoul is very famous in the Middle East during religious holidays for both Muslims and Christians. Along with other middle eastern cookies like Kahk, these cookies are made in huge quantities during festive days to celebrate and share with neighbors and guests.

Mamoul cookie can be made with semolina, farina, plain flour or a combination. It can be filled with dates or nuts, but the most famous filling is the dates. In this tutorial I will show you how to make authentic maamoul, various traditional fillings and which flour to use.

About Maamoul cookies Machine


P160-Automatic Maamoul cookies machine can make make many kinds stuffed or non stuffed maamoul cookies products, such as filled cookies, filled biscuits, strip cookies, chocolate chip cookies, frozen cookies, mosaic cookies, panda cookies, twist cookies, designed cookies, shortbread butter cookies, flat cookies, biscotti, crackers, kahk, etc.)..Also it can work with the stamping machine to stamp different pattern on the surace of the maamoul cookies to meet customs' different requirement.

Besides,we also have the automatic tray arrangement machine,which can collect the finished maamoul cookies food quickly to improve the efficiency of the whole maamoul cookies production line.


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