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Shanghai Papa Industrial Co.,LTD latest company case about Loh mai chi

Loh mai chi


latest company case about Loh mai chi

Loh mai chi (Glutinous rice ball) is a famous traditional snack in Fujian, China. The color is white and the taste is soft and waxy. Glutinous rice taste is sweet and warm in nature. The taste will be better if adding red bean paste, purple sweet potato, cream or other fillings.


Making process ofr loh mai chi: Mix the glutinous rice flour and orange flour, add boiling water, and stir well. Add an appropriate amount of cold water, and make a dough for later use. Divide the reconciled dough into 20 g-sized doses, wrap an appropriate amount of filling, and knead it into an oval shape by hand. Cook the processed greens in a boiling water pot, remove them and quickly put them in the shredded coconut, roll and stick a layer of shredded coconut to eat.

Are Loh mai chi and Mochi the same? 

Mochi and Loh mai chi are different, and they are not the same food.

Because they are all foods made with glutinous rice as the main raw material, they taste the same. They are soft and waxy, very sweet, so many people regard mochi and loh mai chi as a kind of food, but in fact The two are still somewhat different. 


The raw materials of mochi mainly include sugar, glutinous rice flour, warm water, corn flour, fillings, etc., while the raw materials of loh mai chi are glutinous rice flour, boiled water, cold water, custard filling, coconut shreds, salad oil and fresh milk, etc.


The method of making mochi is: steaming mochi skin, spreading cool, forming, breading, sieving and packing, packing, boxing.

The method of making loh mai chi is: add a little water and steam the glutinous rice flour, stir-fry the sesame seeds and add white sugar to the container, dip the steamed glutinous rice flour and eat.

Loh mai chi making machine 


What is the suitable machine for making loh mai chi? The loh mai chi was hand-made before, it is low capacity and labor costing, PAPA P160 Automatic Encrusting Machine can automatically make the loh mai chi with different stuffing inside. It is the ideal loh mai chi making machine in market. For more details, please click our P160 Automatic Encrusting Machine. 

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